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Hair extensions

We provide various types of hair extension applications suitable for a variety of hair types and thicknesses. Consultations are free of charge with no obligation to purchase. Prices are tailored to your individual needs. Having a range of extension companies at our fingertips we can provide various qualities of hair to suit all budgets but remember as the saying goes…….you get what you pay for.

Invisible weave

Suitable for medium to thick hair, the invisible weave is sewn into a micro ring application to create volume and length. Application takes an hour and a half, reusable for the life of the hair. Reapplication every 8 weeks max.


Nano and micro ring individual extensions

The weightlessness of nano rings are ideal for fine hair that needs added thickness. Micro rings are great for medium to thick hair to create added hold to your natural hair.

Double hair wefts

9cm wefts of hair are added to create thickness and/or length. Ideal for low maintenance, application in 45 minutes and removal in 10 minutes. Up to 7 weeks wear using micro rings and 12 weeks with keratin wax bonding application. Hair is reusable for the life of the hair.


Tape Extensions

A temporary alternative for hair extensions suitable for fine to medium hair. Lasts up to 6 weeks. Hair can be reapplied for the life of the hair using new tapes each time. Application time 1hr removal and refitting 2-3 hours.

Hairloss replacement system 
coming soon……..

Mesh integration. A non surgical hair loss replacement system. Ideal for clients with little hair on top due to female pattern baldness or alopecia. Using a individually fitted mesh, hair is sewn on to create fullness and thickness. Can be integrated with added length. Re-tightening every 6-8 weeks however no root colour touch up needed as this system completely covers the top of the head.

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